How to get LAN from WLAN??

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Published On: October 30th, 2020Categories: Bestseller, Electronic0 Comments on How to get LAN from WLAN??

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Post: How to get LAN from WLAN??

You have always asked yourself how do I get a LAN cable from my WLAN signal in another room? Maybe you also have a device that only works with LAN but you can only use WiFi at home?

Then we have exactly the perfect article for you, small, handy and easy to set up. Try now. The small router picks up your WLAN signal and can output it to its integrated LAN port. Just try.

What? Do you need it the other way around? No problem either! Even if you only have a LAN cable nearby, you can simply create a WLAN signal with the small device here. Quite simply, simply, quickly and cheaply.

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