Surge protection for your Electronics?

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Post: Surge protection for your Electronics?

Since there is a high demand for surge protection devices, we have taken the liberty of listing a few of you here. Anyone who is afraid of an overvoltage can f e.g. In front of his computer, router, electric blinds or smart home system, an overvoltage protection socket strip between switching to avoid damage, e.g. on the power supply.

With a lot of luck you will save yourself the correspondence with the insurance company, since the conditions must of course first be checked whether the insurance would of course cover the costs in the event of a lightning strike.

With a socket strip that has an integrated surge protection, you can save yourself all the trouble.

But what always works, of course, is to unplug all important electronic devices before every thunderstorm. So then definitely nothing should happen, there is no 100% guarantee even with over voltage protection socket strips.

In any case, we have recommended a few power strips that we have already tested for you.

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