Looking for a vacuum robot, mopping robot? We have found an inexpensive model!

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Post: Looking for a vacuum robot, mopping robot? We have found an inexpensive model!

Do you want to vacuum less at home? The main dirt is best done by a robot? How about a robot vacuum?

We looked around and found a great vacuum robot that can even wipe, vacuum and mop !! Of course there are places where a vacuum cleaner robot does not come, i.e. do not think that you can now completely laze around. But basically you always have it clean in the “public traffic” and that’s a very good start!

roborock vacuum robot vacuum cleaner, sweeper, wiping function, LDS sensors, app control (S5 Max white)

  • Treat yourself to a freshly cleaned, clean floor every day with the S5 Max. It was developed for seamless automated wiping and has an extra-large water tank, precise water control, virtual wipe-off zones and much more. Thanks to the combination of precise laser mapping, advanced navigation and strong suction power, floors are easier than ever to get squeaky clean. Once set up, you can easily start the S5 Max and lean back and relax
  • A huge 290 ml water tank. Sufficient for three cleaning processes in a 65 square meter apartment or one cleaning process in a 200 square meter house in one go. With a brand new, ultra-precise peristaltic pump, as e.g. Used for infusion devices in hospitals that have been tested for over 1500 hours of operation. Now all you have to do is fill the tank and set a schedule in the app. And the robot wipes your home every day.
  • Use the app to choose the right water flow for each type of soil. From small amounts of water for stone floors to high amounts of water for greasy kitchen floors. Before the robot starts, it pumps additional water to moisten the wipe beforehand – for perfect cleaning right from the start. When cleaning smaller areas, the water supply is interrupted where it has already been cleaned. And when the mopping is complete, the water supply is stopped, so that the wiping cloth
  • Nobody wants wet carpets. Use virtual wipe-blocking zones and boundaries in front of carpets so that the S5 Max only wipes where it should wipe. If you remove the wiper after wiping, the boundaries for the wiping function automatically disappear, so that the S5 Max has free space to vacuum your entire home. Use swipe no-go zones, virtual borders and no-go zones to have full control over the routes of your S5 Max.
  • When mopping, the floors are not cleaned thoroughly due to the weight of the water in the tank. As the amount of water used increases, so does the pressure with which the cloth is pressed down. Dirt is left behind. The spring-loaded wipe of the S5 Max is pressed down with an even 300 g during the entire wiping process. As a result, the S5 Max cleans the last area just as thoroughly as the first.

If you need more Information, look on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3pASCvT

If you are happy with your vacuum robot, then share your experience with us. We’re happy about every Feedback!

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